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Always worried about your remittance? Not anymore! SureMoney is at your service for the fast and sure way to send money to the Philippines!

SureMoney is the retail arm and agent of Swift Cash UK Ltd. servicing the remittance needs of both Pinoys and their host English community in the United Kingdom . It boasts of its top of the line toll free call centre which can be easily reached by Pinoys and British clients located across the UK wanting to send money to their loved ones in the Philippines with guaranteed high rates and very affordable service fees. SureMoney is proud to provide many firsts to our clients in the UK.

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3 Easy Steps to Remit Money:
1. Call SureMoney to relay the details of your remittance instructions.
2. Transfer/deposit the remittance amount together with the service fee to Sure Money's Barclays Bank PLC account.
3. Email or phone-in to confirm deposit or transfer.
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